Monday, August 23, 2010

Socialism, Capitalism, Communism and Altruism

So many prisms of concepts, dogmas and belief systems that have propagated into our cultures and our societies for years together, and leaves a common man or a woman highly confused about taking a stand on either of these. However, one common denominator (a term that I often hear people saying) is that they are frameworks of thoughts created to realize the true freedom in our consciousness. No one knows if it ever creates such free souls except the person whos experiencing it. Often times, just like how standard communication, when it tries to penetrate several layers, could be distorted and end up sending wrong signals, such doctrines when set higher up by one man and followed by millions of people over several generations, can easily be misinterpreted and can start working against humankind.

Such is a state of corporate affairs and social affairs in some countries, where we all are bounded by some illusory social system governing our consciousness. How do we break out of this barrier and live free?! I recently read an article where this person said, Its no longer the fact that our consciousness is creating a social system, rather the social system is creating an automatic consciousness in us which if the system is wrongly designed and wrongly interpreted, can have serious repercussions and have undesirable feelings inside our valuable and innocent hearts.

We end up living a life caught up in these strings of unnecessary thoughts, harming our lives everyday. While we are all running our treadmill of our lives, trying to survival in this ever growing competition, sometimes its good to take a big Step back, wind back our clocks and start putting some real meaning to some of the things we do and improve the quality of our lives. Even basic things like work, relationships, our hobbies and some of our day - day activities are often done to pacify our inner conscience, but we often end up in stress and chaotic conditions and end up hurting ourselves more.

Back to my topic of what .....'Ism would you choose and why? I will start with the last one, Altruism - Have you heard this term offlate? - In this modern world it hardly exists and anyone who even tries to follow such a model would not be able to survive and will be beaten down to death - Socialism is a way of life where, there is collective responsibility in whatever you do and a fundamental belief that other lives are as equally valuable and respectable as one's own life and there must always be an equal sharing of space and time.

Capitalism and communism are much more serious in nature and have often times been very controversial. The very origin of capitalism frees a person's heart by not disregarding other people, but by removing the obligations one would normally feel in different circumstances and gives them a freedom to operate their life according to the "free-will", provided they do justice to their inner-selves(which often don't end up that way).

Communism aims for a classless and stateless society (wikipedia) where all decisions are made for the common good and for the community.

It does not matter which one you are strongly inclined to, but we need to understand the fundamentals of these idealogies in order to feel the freedom some of these thoughts can bring to oneself and people around, and sustain a very healthy life that can bring peace and happiness. Its easy to form a bond, but its highly tough to break it. So forming good thoughts lead to good feelings and we can only say that bad feelings are formed because of the bad framework of our minds.

Life is a phenomenon that can bring you all the wonders or can put you in dangerous conditions you would not like to be. The journey is what we encounter, but whats important is to navigate it in the right path, with adequate intelligence that will bring a lot of safety and protection and a never ending willingness to extend help to people who might be in need.

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