Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tip of the iceberg

Sometimes reading a blog might get boring -- so please click on the song you read my blog...

This is a master piece from Owl City ( My latest addiction) -

Welcome back, Winter once again,
And put on your warm fuzzy sweater,
Cuz you'll feel much better when
The snowflakes fall, gently to the ground.

We are all born to enjoy the pleasures of life. .be it the best beats in music, or meeting really wonderful people, or travelling to the best places on earth - lots of things gives us immense happiness.... However a subtle difference between the list of things to do remain as a fact that some are naturally available and some are created by men...or women ..

Take for example..

Music, Car, Arts, Dance, television, internet, twitter, facebook, iphone, mac, home theater systems, beautiful homes etc are all man made,

Where as a natural river, the beautiful ocean ridges, sunshine,gorgeous places, or a stream of river and beautiful landscapes are all naturally formed(by other forces of nature)

- There is one common representation among these things - Happiness :: and invoking the joy of life - ! how joyful are you in life? - As you listen to this song - you would realize that Life is meant to feel all the different beautiful things around us - However unfortunately there is a price tag associated with it, to take it from start to finish, we all need money - to eat, to gain shelter and also to enjoy these benefits -

As we take this journey of life, we often wonder why life is created this way - to deal with all the complexities = compete with 30 million species created just like us and 6 billion humans who also share this planet - each person having a different formation (differneces in name, cast creed color, religion, appearance, age, thinking etc) and also feel happy that we are gifted with most wonderful thing on planet earth - Life - !

Vedas, Quran, The Bible and all of these religious texts talk about only one thing - The creator or the God - whether or not we believe in God, we could see that there is one single opinion existing among so many people - that there is one creator who we all originate from, that could have a direct impact to our lives direcctly or indirecctly .. Think of it as a gut feeling(Science is also a gut feeling - So many businesses run on Gut feel - Even scientists experiementing at CERN to identify the GOD particle are sensing that something is still not invented by human kind - GOD -

Feel the bliss - Feel life - Enjoy the song - and color your life..