Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lets do a reality check. What we see in the outside world becomes a reality. It is as easy as that. lets imagine a rectangle in our minds, since no one else has seen it yet, according to the real world, its not real yet, but moment we give it some physical shape that could be perceived in the material world. it becomes super real - For example, if we take a pen and draw that rectangle on to a sheet of paper, it becomes real and valid. If we get more creative,, and carve out a rectangular shaped box - even bigger and better and more believable that it exists. Do we just need to keep creating all these things in the outside world so that it becomes real or just view all the outside world things and think that only those are real?

Often times, lots of people have even wondered if they are in touch with reality, sometimes even I do think that am not in a real world and exist in the world I created for myself, we will be surprised to find out that there are millions of world out there that people have created and the word "real" is in itself not real. Based on the total number of combinations of real world objects and the fanciful ideas that pops into people's heads everyday, there are significant number of reasons to believe that we all exist in the worlds that we create and this wonderful planet earth is abundant in its resources to provide us a platform to create this magical reality.

Imagine the wonderful structures that are built ever since. Its someones imagination that has been converted into reality based on series of other creations in the past. For example, buildings could not have been constructed without the invention of bricks and mortar  - Bricks and mortars could not have been conceived without appropriate chemical and industrial practices in places. All of these would culminate in the fact that people have been trying different experiments with the resources available in this planet to enjoy living in this planet and also to survive using whatever means they would want.

Now once these structures are built, it becomes part of our planet and the next person born, would have those elements included as part of the planet earth. Every moment, this world is changing rapidly at a rate we could not even imagine. people are creating systems, technologies, planting new seeds, running random experiments, finding new drugs and the "AS IS" status of this planet is constantly evolving and no one can ever do a reality check at any given time. Cos, the moment, someone begins this check, there are 6 billion people and 82 million other species constantly working to change the shape of this world (80% constructive and 20% destructive).

Although we may not be different in our biological constitution, we differ in multi-million ways from each other with infinite possibilities for Constructing this planet!

Think from different windows of life - Unleash your power of imagination and create beautiful realities for your family and friends to enjoy


What is the subconscious mind? How can it help us if we do not have control over it? It is believed that at a given point in time, due to the voluminous things that we do in life, starting from the number of people we know, places we have been, quantity of information that we have ingested over a period of time, our brain opens only a part of it each day and what we believe is our consciousness, is a series of neural chains that are active at a given point in time.Sometimes, our thoughts could become as narrow as we see in this picture, as a corner of a tunnel - This is the limited view of the world we could have, if we spring from this place. However, if we spring from the outside world, built a tunnel for ourselves, and end up in this spot, we would want to follow this way and keep going until we reach the Horizon, find Sunshine and see the world outside.

The chain is really huge, and each time we encounter something in our lives, there is a phase shift in our thought patterns and that leads us into new decision making and takes us to an all new world based on what choices we make. Slowly as and when these connections are formed deeply, it gets rested at the background and becomes the core part of what we might begin to call as the subconscious mind or the unconscious mind. This is not an alternative mind, or something that doesn't exist, but the same exact part of ourselves, that we created in the past but thats not in our immediate recall in the current moment unless struck by an incident or a larger than life event. So ultimately this drives the way we look at life and our happiness depends on it.

To run by some examples, when we have a sudden encounter with a person at a bar or a coffee shop, sometimes we feel that we have met these people somewhere or they resemble someone we might have met before, if we end up talking to them, without our control we tend to become more friendlier than we would, if it was a completely new stranger. This shows that our subconscious mind plays a major role in some of our decision making process and how we tend to lead our lives.

Thoughts travel exactly the same way we travel outside in the roads in different lanes. while we could go in roads with lots of traffic and get jammed or find another way out that could takes us back on the right direction. There is only one guide in this process and that is YOU.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Magic Forest.

This piece of music reminds me of how dramatic and beautiful life is!  A masterpiece from Future World Music, - company known for Motion Picture Advertising! such magical rendering of music that invokes feelings of joy and celebration!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adjustment Bureau - (P)Review

The Adjustment Bureau, a special movie of its kind stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in a romantic sci-fi- super natural entertainer that holds all of us to the edge of the seat to find out if God's plan is going to work magic for their relationship to succeed.

The movie starts showing Norris(Matt Damon) running his campaign for becoming the NY Senator. When practicing for his come back speech, he has a strange encounter with this beautiful girl Elise (Emily Blunt) and a deep sense of connection forms between the two of them. They feel special about each other and they get to meet yet again in a bus ride.

Thats when the Adjustment Bureau(the team responsible for adjusting and controlling people's lives) steps in and introduces how they operate and tells Norris that he is not believed to go on a path with Elise and threatens him that he will lose his entire personality and his memories would be erased if he tells about this team to anyone else and also that he cannot talk to her anymore.

With this challenge lying ahead of him and the Adjustment Bureau right behind him watching every move of his, the movie gets very interesting with a lot of wise and profound conversations and chase sequences making it a visual treat for the audience. What happens at the end is something everyone is asked to guess till the end. The question remains as to whether our destiny is controlled by the Chairman and everything is working according to a plan or this universe is a random combination of events dispersed in time.

A great background score by Thomas Newman(http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002353/)
A brilliant sense of direction by George Nolfi(http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1079776/)

Audio machine Trailer:

This is the same Audio with the Choir:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colors of life

I have always been excited by Colors. White color, once broken down, opens up an array of beautiful spectrum for the human eye to see and relish. Candles represents the true happy spirit of human life! The flame inside us is invisible but can only be seen in our most valued relationships and felt inside ourselves.  Different colors can be perceived as people with different characteristics and feelings. All of us share the same goal - to be happy and enjoy our lives while we are still alive!