Thursday, August 5, 2010

Innovation, creativity & discovery

What is the fine line of difference between these concepts which we love the most? –Innovation is an art of inventing something new around things which exist. Creativity is a skill which helps you create new ideas and discovery is a process of finding something new which no one else has seen before. Often times, these terms are not related and used in totally different contexts although if you look closely about what the output is, its always a special element that we produce out of that process which makes it all the more better. Think about real world examples:

A - Innovation –Having a security camera in your Iphone which you can see anywhere around the world through the web.

B – Creativity – Come up with vivid images of mountains, lakes and houses all blended with amazing colors that are so pleasing to the eye – so deeply meaningful that we see the creativity in our eyes.

C-Discovery – Music – It was a discovery however it might have originated – its now a revolution that has taken hold of humankind in every corner of the planet –

Just as we see these examples we could relate to these terms in terms of the scale of impact that it can have. We call it a discovery when the whole world can relate to it in the physical sense of reality – We call it creativity even when only one individual can see it and feel its divine nature and we can call so many things happening in our daily lives as innovations!

It makes us feel good to even talk about these things, because we all have innate abilities to create something new and experiencing the joy of seeing it and bringing it to the world cannot be matched with anything else. For example, take airplanes for example, until the 19th century nobody even could imagine flying to different places as easily as we could. People were in blind spots not knowing how something like that could be achieved. But once the discovery was made, people came up with their own innovations in that space using their creativity. Unfortunately due to power struggle and never ending greed of human beings to acquire territories not belonging to them or owned by them and lack of human empathy, wars resulted and this technology was massively abused and apparently became the reason to kill so many innocent lives around the world. Not to drift away from our happy subject, The whole world is a creation of our inner thoughts, what you see outside is what is inside you – Take all the industries we are operating on, technology, finance, manufacturing, mechanical, civil etc, all of the areas are pure creation of people in the past centuries trying to realize their inner feelings. Does it mean that we are born with these infinite possibilities that we have not even imagined before? Yes.
Just as we see in the real world where there is this one planet with full of life. Surrounded by infinite space that we are yet to explore, we all live our daily lives with our inner conscience as this planet offering everything we need in life, but once we step into zones inside us, there is a limitless space which cannot be even imagined how large it is.

Once we tap into that space, we can discover things that could not even be imagined For example, in future you may not need a Telephone to communicate with each other when you are long distance. There might be a frequency in space that if we closely listen to, we could hear anyone talking in the other part of the country. Well, immediately our minds would shut this thought out thinking that its pure imagination and cannot exist in real world. But when you add a physical medium to support your idea, it is quite possible. Any concept is possible when you put a physical medium to it. The whole world needs to look at elimination of physical elements to achieve our goals that will definitely conserve our environments a lot better.

Something to chew on for the day - As your clock ticks try and find ways to think differently.

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