Monday, August 3, 2009


How often do you feel elated and ecstatic in Life?? I experienced the feeling of ecstasy, or "elevated sprit" in life on two occasions over the last two weeks, when I went to a Coldplay concert @ Verizon Amphitheater in Orange County (approximately 30000 people and for a soccer game @ The Rose Bowl stadium(93000 people). Was wondering why can't life alwyas give such feelings of high octane, high adrenaline, all the time 24x7??? Most often we have a lot of ups and downs and highs and lows, guess its required for the body to maintain its balance. More the people merrier it is, Voices of several thousands of people roaring in the stadium gives you so much battery power in life fr that moment that makes you feel all the energy is coming to you. But howveer, these moments are shortlived and you have to get back home after the events are over and be back to what your individual state gives you - could be feelings of loneliness, frustration ,or depression or feelings of joy,happiness or peace whichever phase of life you are currently in.

Most often, changes in life would occur if you seek for a change and go in search of your passions and inner joy.

For us to experience the real joy of something, we might need to put in a lot of effort. For example, for an architect to achieve his dream of building a dream house or a dream structure or a building which is of great value there is a lot of ground work required starting from design to construction to finsih - Its a complete journey which is totally different from what the original dream was. Similarly, a movie script writer or a director, who has a concept in mind, needs to do things which are completely different like, getting the entire crew together, executing each scene by scene, working in the sets with lot of work with people who need to be working on this movie, but the end product is a treat. Also take the case of a music director who needs to work with several technicians, violinists, vocal artists, instrumentalists, and many more bits and pieces to get these

The irony is that the End product is a treat for others to watch it, but not for the original person whose dream it was. Since the kind of thoughts that went into the execution part were totally different, the feel the person gets at the end of the execution is totally different, since there would be 1000 different things that would be on top of his/her mind when the same Concept is thought about, the entire journey of creation comes into the picture. Lots of compromises would have occurred due to time pressure or resource availability or your own mind taking a different shape.

But having lived your dream or having achieved what you wanted, you would be continously involved in something which you would be ready to sacrifice or trade your life for, when you want it badly. At that point, the spirit comes to the top and helps you in performing your 'role' in life. All of us are here for a reason. Our inner thoughts definitely holds the secrets to wheere our lives are going to be leading.

(To be continued...)

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  1. facts put in clearly... u need to enjoy the journey rather than complaining!