Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barca Vs. LA Galaxy

Its been long pending. I have been wanting to write about my experience at the Rosebowl stadium to see this exciting Game between Barcelona and LA Galaxy.

Let me start the story from the point we got the tickets. Its very strange. I did not have a clue about this game happening until my friend Rakesh a.k.a. Nayar told me about this game. I was in a double mind to go for this game since I had already spent a whopping 100$ for the coldplay concert and to satisfy my greed and give myself some more life at this point - we decided to go for the FRAY concert (blew up another 30$ and a partial disappointment of his voice being vey coarse during the concert) -

OK. Finally - due to multiple emails floating between some of our friends and also due to availability of tickets on Craigslist(Thanks to the security guard - who showed up as the man selling these tickets to us a couple of days before the match) - I got this golden opportunity to witness one of the rarest games in the history - LA Galaxy(with David Beckham) playing an European club. (FC Barcelona)

(To be continued...)

Till then enjoy this video - Beckahm's free kick is the second - dont miss it...

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