Monday, July 27, 2009


My very first Blog post in this new page ! I have created lots of other blogs and never been satisfied to keep it running forever - I have been exploring Google products offlate and one thing which caught my attention was the Google Webelements.

If any of you are wondering what it is. Here is an example. My address is pointing to this location in this map , yeah I did some HTML programming to bring this thing up from Google's page.

Not true: I picked it straight from Google's page - COPY + PASTE if you are not used to it, that means that you are not working in the Information Technology sector! and saved your Keyboard some stress on those keys!

But this is very simple.

Step 1: Goto:
Step 2: Click on what Google element you would like to show in your HTML page and the codes snippet is present there in those pages.
Step 3: Customize those snippets and you get a variety of google products in your homepage.
Step 4: COPY + PASTE the code in your blog or other HTML code!
Keep listening for more interesting posts.


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