Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adjustment Bureau - (P)Review

The Adjustment Bureau, a special movie of its kind stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in a romantic sci-fi- super natural entertainer that holds all of us to the edge of the seat to find out if God's plan is going to work magic for their relationship to succeed.

The movie starts showing Norris(Matt Damon) running his campaign for becoming the NY Senator. When practicing for his come back speech, he has a strange encounter with this beautiful girl Elise (Emily Blunt) and a deep sense of connection forms between the two of them. They feel special about each other and they get to meet yet again in a bus ride.

Thats when the Adjustment Bureau(the team responsible for adjusting and controlling people's lives) steps in and introduces how they operate and tells Norris that he is not believed to go on a path with Elise and threatens him that he will lose his entire personality and his memories would be erased if he tells about this team to anyone else and also that he cannot talk to her anymore.

With this challenge lying ahead of him and the Adjustment Bureau right behind him watching every move of his, the movie gets very interesting with a lot of wise and profound conversations and chase sequences making it a visual treat for the audience. What happens at the end is something everyone is asked to guess till the end. The question remains as to whether our destiny is controlled by the Chairman and everything is working according to a plan or this universe is a random combination of events dispersed in time.

A great background score by Thomas Newman(
A brilliant sense of direction by George Nolfi(

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