Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Power of Clarity

Clarity in thinking is very critical to survive in this world, as much as we all have physical strength. Although we might think that we have covered it all, there are lots of gaps in our thought process that need to be filled in order to enjoy this world in the manner in which it is designed.

Lets take the example of Object Oriented Programming concepts to illustrate this. Every object has a state and a behavior. Take a tennis ball for example, it looks yellowish in color, with two crisscrossed lines that you could see grazing the beautiful fur that makes the texture so appealing to our eyes and for our hands to touch - Some of  its static properties include:

1. Its bright yellow in color
2. Its spherical in shape.
3. Its made of felt.(material obtained by pressing wooden fibres)

Its dynamic properties include its ability to bounce of any surface, fly in the air for a while following projectile motions to help assist the tennis player go through a joyous rhythmic feeling when playing the game.

Thus every real world object can be said to have a state and a behavior. The state defines what its made of and its behavior includes its functions. However, there is a very interesting piece to this. While the state cannot be modified unless acted upon by an external force, the behavior is merely a reaction between the object and the interaction with the real world objects.

In this case, the ball is bouncing on multiple forces acting on it .. The person holding the ball applying a force in a specific direction ,the gravity acting on it, the aerodynamics surrounding the ball, the set of objects thats going to be in its way, and it eventually stops, the moment its no longer at a higher plane than the earth and the forces inside is nullified. 

To simplify all the equations of Relativity, we are just a medium through which outside forces are reacting with us and thus our lives are constantly dominated by people we meet, places we go, the house we live in, the kind of things we buy and the ease with which we allow ourselves to interact with other things and also the way in which we treat ourselves - Our mind (or the observer or the Pilot or the person in us or the central point in us) is the happiest when all the forces are neutralized the there is amazing speed, movement and joy that we all experience in life!!

If given a choice between moving a block of wood and sliding through an incline plane with absolutely no friction in it, we all would prefer the latter  - the natural way!!


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