Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Equilibrium is Shaken up.

An unknown liquid seemed to be pouring out from a broken pipe in the 42nd Street, It was meant to contain water and nothing but water, but lot of pollutants in it and harmful chemicals combined with it is making people think whats coming out could be poisonous and toxic and can start killing people who come in contact with it. Already streets surrounding the 42nd Street is now flooded and Emergency personnel are unable to withstand the force with which the liquid is propelling from the pipe.

People have started to die, floating bodies and people are helpless in this situation. "Never go near the source" - One man yells from across the 25th Street, Thats the beginning of what people call "End of the world" Is our world coming to an end???? What is it that is coming out from there??

Mysterious - With all data known to humans in this century, so far mankind has not seen such a dangerous and deadly chemical ever released along with Water. If it was a struggle between the Whites and the Blacks in the 20th Century, its the Blues against the Blacks now. The City of Deep is in Big Trouble, and is going to create major chaos to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Panic, Tension, Anger, Frustration surround the entire place and slowly people have started to accept that they are in fact going to die and half of the city is being evacuated by the City Officials. There is only one way out, to flee to another place nearby, but there is no escape from this massive gigantic Thrust... which humankind has never seen before.

All the streets have this water gushing onto it, andis polluted with this black liquid , With such high intensity and enormous force, the rate of destruction is far exceeding the rate at which people are trying to escape from the City of deep.

What are the city officials doing about it?? Well they have filed for a petition and working on some approvals to find out more information about whats causing this flood. How long this might take? Depends, because the scientists are working on this to invent a new technology to offset this.

In a report to the press, an official is swarmed by the media. "How many people have died so far??" 1000s of them. Another man asks, "How many more are expected to die ? Can't really say!"

Whats it that is coming out of the Water? "All we know is its a black liquid"

Who is responsible for this?? An unknown company which is in charge of extraction

Instantaneously the entire reporters including the officers are washed away by the Forces of water into Spiraling waves.

What was meant to be happening in 2012, is happening now?? End of our lives? Our generations? Our emotions? All we gathered so far? All we did to protect the environment? All we did to live our lives?? All coming to an End??

Can anybody go near the pipe and Fix it??? Can someone help us?? Please stop this damn liquid flowing eternally out of this broken pipe... like broken dreams!

"Where there is a well there is hell"

Imagine the lives of the Dolphins, Turtles and so many other marine organisms taking the place of humans in this story talking to each other crying helplessly just like we do, to get the unnatural "Oil spill" Caused by Faulty device error which was not even tested and experimentally altered later on that is causing a HUGE commotion that is affecting millions of lives not visible to the Human eyes.

Claiming 11 people and hundreds and thousands of other unknown living organisms, costing Millions and Millions of dollars which could have easily helped Millions of poeple all around the world struggling for their daily lives, Is this a problem with the Work Quality ? Work Ethic? Work Responsibility?

A faulty mechanical device was responsible for the blowout preventer to stop functioning when there was explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Do we blame ourselves for Depending so much on Oil to lead our everyday lives that companies like BP take such risks to satisfy our needs? Do we blame BP for making a fatal error over the last several decades of their drilling? Or do we blame the government for allowing Rigs to be so deep in the ocean floor??

The City of Deep - The Gulf of Mexico - Sing Along!

Hell! Here I come.
Straight from the well.
Through the pipes of dreams
That turned into a nightmare of screams

Every barrel of oil represents
A barrel of life wasted and destroyed

Hell! Here I come.
Stright from the well.
Through the water onto the land!

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