Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boost to life and humanity?

The mastermind behind some of the dangerous and deadly attacks humankind has witnessed  is  now dead! a major relief, am sure to billions of people all around the world that a very powerful evil force (one MAN) that had gripped the minds and hearts of not only the most innocent civilians but also some of the worlds powerful and intelligent leaders of this world! 

It took the most powerful country in the world, almost ten years to find his whereabouts and kill him.  This shows how complex his networks are and how hard it is to wade through natural terrains of another country and evict the convict amidst all the dirty politicians and harmful military forces operating against the CIA!

Claiming responsibility for several terrorist attacks all around the world, Osama bin laden's network has caused pain, suffering, deaths and grievances to multi million lives all around the world!  After several chain of events, political battles and intelligent forces operating ever since 2001, we are able to witness this day with Osama wiped out of this planet - This day cannot parallel any other day in life for all the people working on this operation

The most difficult question to answer would be whether this would be the beginning to the end of Al Qaeda or is it like shooting at the top of this well structured pyramid with a rocky foundation??  

while its easy to think of the structure in the form of a man made pyramid, only the network itself knows how it is structured - Removing the tumor is just not enough - all the existing forces currently operating must also be eliminated in order to claim that the worlds a safer place to live! -  

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